Setting up publishing accounts with Amazon and Smashwords

Once you’ve written your manuscript, and decided you want to self-publish, you will need to decide whether to publish as an ebook on SmashWords and Kindle Direct Publishing, and whether to offer print-on-demand on Create Space.

You can set up an account with SmashWords and offer your book free, but if you want to charge for it you will need to get a US tax number, if you want to minimize the tax you pay on your royalties. The same goes for Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space – and publishing for free isn’t really an option with them.

This might be the most painful part of getting started in self-publishing, and it’s certainly daunting. However, it will be made much less painful if you follow the instructions in Euan Mitchell’s book, Your Publishing Options, which I reviewed in a previous post, and on a blog that he mentions, Catherine, Caffeinated, called Non-US Self-Publisher? Tax issues don’t need to be taxing. I had the forms all filled out to apply for an EIN before I called the US, and it was all done in less than 20 minutes. The fact that I already knew the answers to the questions helped enormously as some of them are quite confusing.

I recommend using both references. Euan Mitchell gives the information from an Australian point of view. Catherine gives the three addresses to send the forms to, and if you read the comments under her post there is some useful information about changes to the process.

Book review – Your Book Publishing Options, by Euan Mitchell

If you’re thinking about writing and publishing in Australia, I highly recommend this book:

Your Book Publishing Options: How to make and market ebooks and print books – Euan Mitchell, Overdog Press, 2014.

Euan Mitchell gives clear and authoritative advice about how to negotiate the maze of options in the Australian publishing market, from writing the first draft of a book to publishing and marketing it. He explains how to publish an ebook or print book, print-on-demand, or a combination of these options.