Simple instructions to edit a video and upload it to the web

Maren Child

I wrote these instructions right after I edited and uploaded the videos – because I knew I’d forget how to do this.


How to edit a video
So you’ve got a video on your camera and you want to put it on the web. But someone said ‘Are you taking a video?’ in the middle of it, and you rotated the camera while you were taking it. What’s the easiest way to put fix it, once you’ve got it off your camera and onto your computer?
You can use iMovie (for Mac) or Movie Maker Live (for Windows) to edit the video. I’m going to talk about Movie Maker Live as that’s what I have. They are both free and adequate for this kind of simple editing.
If you don’t already have Movie Maker Live, you can download it free from Microsoft. It’s in the Windows Live Installer package.

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